Since 1987, Dynamic Trend has been developing Stocks, Options and Futures Trading Platforms. Now with proprietary Options features not available anywhere else

New Features Added:
Identifying price targets using Options Open Interest
Easily convert price targets to Options Strategies

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   All New Options Strategy Builder

-  Convert Price Targets to Options Trading Strategies
-  Auto selects minimum time required for price target
-  Identifies ideal options expiration month
-  Automatically adjusts for accelerated Theta time decay
-  Auto calculates the risk, investment required, break-even levels
-  Auto calculates the potential profits/loss if the target is met

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   Options Volume Map - Patented

-  Quickly identify largest cluster of Open Interest
-  Use Open Interest levels to confirm price targets
-  Identify Options Bias patterns that are typical before large moves
-  Detect volume imbalance and forecast direction before earnings
-  Back test historical Options Bias (call/put volume imbalance)
-  Broker Enabled: Trade options right from the chart

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Dynamic Trend works with the following Brokers and Data Feeds: