Advanced Option Chain

A complete and fully customizable Option Chain with Spread Building, Historical Lookback, Direct Trading and Spread Charting.

Features Include:

  • Real Time Quotes, Greeks, Implied Volatility and Probability Calculations
  • Custom Display Filters including Multiple Expirations, Number of Strikes and At the Money
  • View single or multiple expirations with the ability to shrink or expand the view
  • Choose number of strikes to display and highlight ATM or any selected strike
  • Right click to open a historical Chart of any Option (Call/Put) with or without the underlying side by side
  • Ability to build any spread from the Chain or auto build any supported spread
  • Advanced Look back feature to set Option Chain to any date in the past to view historical EOD Quotes, Greeks, Implied Volatility and Probabilities
  • Trade directly from any Strike (Call/Put) or from the built spread

Advanced Option Chain
Overview Video

Option Chain Lookback Feature

To help in back testing an Option Look Back feature allows the trader to view Option price data for previous trading days.

  • You can choose any trading day date in history going back three years.
  • See what the volume, open interest and last price was for the day.
  • All of the standard Greeks are calculated for you.
  • You will also see the Probability in the money and probability break even values listed for each strike.

Real Time Greeks

Option Greeks are displayed and updated in real time for each selected month and strike.

Multiple Expirations including Weeklies can be selected and displayed. Switch back and forth between look back and real time chains.

Option Strike Charting

You can right click on any strike price (call or put) and open a real time chart of that option.
Options can also be opened in charts or by right-clicking on an individual Strike and choosing Chart Option. In addition the underlying symbol can be sent to other windows such as Spread Select and DT Options Projection Tool.

You can view either the option only or the option along with the underlying symbol. Also included with the chart is:

Volume for the option selected
Open Interest for the option selected