Strategy Builder

The Strategy Builder is a powerful tool designed to assist the trader in selecting the best option strategy based on a Target Price and Target Date selected by the user.


  • Automatically builds spreads based on Target Price and Target Date
  • Spread info including Return on Investment, P&L at Target and total investment information included
  • Risk Graph for each spread is displayed
  • Multiple models can be added for adjustments to Days to Expiration, Implied Volatility and Interest Rate
  • Auto build spreads or the user can select specific spreads to build form
  • Custom user filters including expirations, number of results per spread and At, Out and Way Out of the money
  • Right click to send to Full Risk Graph or Projection feature
  • Right click to open up a trade ticket with spread information

Strategy Builder
Overview Video

Strategy Builder User Story:

The user inputs a target price and a target. This can be entered manually or from mouse input from a chart. Strategy Builder automatically builds a list of spreads based on the trade information the user entered. The user can then click on each spread to view a Risk Graph. The user can further analyze the spread from P&L and ROI values. Simply right click to send the spread to a trade ticket.