Risk Graph

  • Automatically build a spread using 30 plus built in spread types
  • User can edit or create a new spread with current (bid, ask, last or mid point or actual filled) prices for each leg
  • Spreads built in other features can be sent directly to the Risk Graph window
  • User can display several models with the ability to adjust days to expiration, volatility and interest rates
  • User can select type of Volatility to use (Historical, Implied or Continuous average volatility of IV of each leg)
  • A side by side chart can be added to follow along with daily price movement
  • The user can right click on the spread at any time to send it directly to a trade ticket.

Risk Graph
Overview Video

Risk Graph With Advanced Modeling

The Risk Graph is a comprehensive tool an options trade can use to quickly analyze any option spread trade setup. Along with the at expiration Risk Profile, the user can add up to three additional Risk Models with adjusted Time to Expiration, Implied Volatility or Interest Rates.

Along with the Risk Profile and Loss Profile, the chart displays multiple Standard Deviation Levels from the current price.

The Risk Graph also allows the user to setup custom probabilities and view Spread Costs with Break Even points.

Risk Graph with Side-By-Side Charting

An added advantage to the risk graph is the ability to see the risk analysis alongside a chart of the underlying instrument.

A chart can be simultaneously displayed along with the Risk Graph by left-clicking on the Chart Icon. Chart based indicators including the displayed Probability Envelope can be added and viewed on the chart for side by side comparison with the Risk Graph.

Risk Graph Compare Mode

The Risk Graph Compare Mode is a tool for the spread trader looking to model multiple options positions to optimize reward and risk.

Compare Spread Mode allows the trader to compare the profit and loss of two options positions simultaneously. For an example, you can view a Long Call compared with a Long Straddle position.