Elliott Wave Turning Points

When it comes to computerized Elliott Wave Analysis, we have been the pioneers in this field since 1987, when we first released Advanced GET.

Over the years, some of the major complaints against Elliott Wave analysis are the wave counts change as new data comes in, which can make it difficult to make real time trading decisions, and the steep learning curve.

With our continued research of over 30 years in this field, we have developed a forward-looking algorithm that can identify potential Elliott Wave pivots, that DO NOT change when new data comes in.

The software can automatically identify several types of color coordinated pivots in real time.  The Algorithm incorporates all of our research in Elliott wave, Gann, Fibonacci and price and time projections.  All together in one complete study.

Elliott Wave Turning Points
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Tom's Strength Levels
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Tom's Strength Indicator

The (TSL) provides several strength levels within the Elliott Wave count.  This helps the trader further qualify an EWTP.

Initially you would focus at the dark area in the middle.  This is the neutral zone. No trend direction is identified in this neutral zone.  If the strength level is below the neutral zone, the market trend is down, as it falls through various color levels.   If the strength level is above the neutral zone, the market trend is up.

Fibonacci Based time Frame cross Reference

Our research indicates a substantial trading advantage when the Pivot signals are cross referenced for Elliott Strengths with higher Fibonacci based time frames. When these pivot lows are identified on a daily chart, traditionally traders tend to cross reference to a weekly chart which is made up of 5 days.

But in a Fibonacci sequence, you would be skipping two Fibonacci time frames in between. So we have added the capability to create 2 and 3 days charts to give you correct cross referencing capability.

Matrix Real time Scanner

Our built in Matrix can find in real time the EWTP pivots on various time frames and for any of the various types of pivots. You can also select for the current bar or up to 5 previous bars.

You can also add the Tom's Strength Levels to the Matrix filters.