Group Rotation

Find stocks that are in an uptrend or downtrend with matching correlation with its Industry Group or Sector.

Identify Industry groups that are rotating and drill down to strong stocks within that group for option-spread strategies.

Based on what direction you would like to trade, you display a list of either Strong Groups or Weak Groups. Choose one so you can see a list of stocks that trade in that group.

Scan Group Strength with Matrix

The Group feature is also included in the Matrix scanner as an additional filter. Filter out your results with only symbols that have a strong or weak Stock or Group Strength.
You can also filter out symbols for any type of strength rotation. You can set it up to look for symbols where the stock or group is rotating from strength to weakness or from weakness to strength. When this rotation happened in the past can also be adjusted.

Chart Group Strength

You can add either the Stock, Sector or Group strength feature to a chart as a study. View the entire history for any supported stock. This way you can monitor any symbol for strength or weakness in either is Sector or Group before, during or after you take a trade.