Matrix Scanner

The Matrix Scanner is a powerful real time Stock and Option scanner. Instantly scan stocks with options based on, trade setups or by selecting from over 100 different scan types


  • Scan Stocks, Options, or ETFs in real time
  • Scan for two different types of criteria at once
  • Server based scan so client has no overhead
  • Instant results covering over 3000 symbols with options
  • Over 100 different scan types and filters options
  • Filter for Sector and Group strength, direction and rotation
  • Filter based on Exchange or individual Sector and Group
  • Scan a custom list of symbols
  • Scan for gainers, losers, breakout, momentum, gapping, candle pattern, reversals, volatility, specific option strategies, pullbacks, volatility skews and many more
  • Rescan results or save them to an external text or Excel file
  • Generate a list of options in real time based on a comprehensive list of user filter criteria including, Calls, Puts, Moneyness, Price, Average Volume, Open Interest, Days to Expiration, Probabilities being Into the Money, Implied Volatility and Delta
  • Ability to Trade directly from the results

Matrix Scanner
Overview Video

Matrix Option Scans

The Matrix can combine real time option volume, open interest and other option related values with underlying stocks.

There are over 100 different types of Scans. You can look at specific trade setups like potentially covered calls or the Matrix can instantly provide a list of stocks with overpriced or underpriced options. This matrix can also return stocks that currently have the largest % increase in open interest or top options volume for the day. The Matrix is a powerful tool for any trader.

Matrix Option Filters

The Matrix is a completely flexible options scanner allowing the user to apply various filters to drill down to a list of the best possible opportunities.
The Matrix Option Filters allows the trader to not only find spread trade setups, but also filter these opportunities base on min and max price range, option volume, implied volatility, days to expiration and more.

Matrix Custom Scan List

The Matrix will scan from over 3000 optional Stock and Option Symbols, but if you have a select list of stocks that you like to trade, you can create a custom scan list. Copy and Paste or just enter the symbols and the Matrix will only use those symbols when scanning for your personal scan setup. You can also build a custom list quickly and easily from a previous scan configuration.