Patent Pending Options Volume Map

  • Quickly analyze and detect Options Bias (call/put volume imbalance)
  • Identify Options Bias patterns that are typical before large moves
  • Quickly detect Option Volume Imbalance and forecast direction before earnings
  • Back test historical Options Bias (call/put volume imbalance)
  • Trade options right from the chart

Other Features:

  • Change display to show Price Volume, Option Volume or Open interest
  • Set number of strikes to display above and below at the money
  • Include or exclude weekly options
  • Set number of expirations months to display
  • Align output to right of chart data or choose to display expirations on exact date
  • Label each strike with Volume, Price or the actual Strike Price
  • Shows a mini historical volume map for puts and calls
  • Ability to move calculation line to any point in the past to see a historical Option Volume Map (3 years)
  • Right click on any strike on any expiration to send it directly to a trade ticket

Options Volume Map 
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