Dynamic Trend Overview

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Dynamic Trend has been making technical analysis software since 1989.  We are constantly updating our techniques and software platform so that we can offer the best trading solution for any type of trader - Stocks, Options, Future or Forex.

Dynamic Trend
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Patent pending Options Volume Map

- Quickly analyze and detect Options Bias (call/put volume imbalance)
- View historical Options Bias (call/put volume imbalance)
- Quickly detect Option Volume Imbalance before earnings
- Trade options right from the chart

Options Volume Map
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Elliott Wave Turning points

- Automatically generates directions signals using Elliott Wave analysis
- Auto Identifies tradable pivots in real time using a combination of Elliott Wave, Fibonacci and Gann techniques.
- Directional signal can be used to trade stocks options, Futures or Forex
- Projected price targets
- Scan for Elliott Wave Turning points in real time
- Analyze to any time frame


Tom's Strength Indicator

The (TSL) provides several strength levels within the Elliott Wave count.  This helps the trader further qualify an EWTP.

Initially you would focus at the dark area in the middle.  This is the neutral zone. No trend direction is identified in this neutral zone.  If the strength level is below the neutral zone, the market trend is down, as it falls through various color levels.   If the strength level is above the neutral zone, the market trend is up.

Elliott Wave Turning Points
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Tom's Strength Levels
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Option Projection Tool

- Select built-in spread strategies or build your own
- Analyze P&L by changing stock price and volatility for each daily through expiration
- Analyze position delta, theta, other Greek values while adjusting stock price and volatility for each day through expiration
- For calendar spreads, change volatility for each month individually
- For multi leg spreads, change volatility for each leg individually

Option Projection Tool
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Advanced Charting

Advanced Charts, studies and other analysis tools developed and improved for over 29 years. Fully featured with many custom studies and powerful tools not seen in any other software platform.

Powerful Option Chain

- Select built-in spread strategies or build your own and place trades
- Chart Option or Option spread charts on any time frame
- Look back feature show historical option prices along with Greek values since 2014
- Trade directly from Option Chain

Option Chain
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Spread Select

Builds options spreads based on a selection of over 30 prebuilt option strategies

Allows the user to quickly compare the spreads to identify the most ideal trading candidates based on values such as Probability, Trade Cost, and Reward/Risk

Strategy Builder

- Instantly analyze all suitable strategies based on a user entered price and time targets
- View potential profits, risk, Rate of return and all pertaining information including Greek values
- Use targets generated by Elliott Wave Turning Points to build strategies
- Trade directly from the Strategy builder

Strategy Builder
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Skew Chart

The Skew Chart allows the user to identify option volatility skews in a line graph view to display Implied Volatility across various strikes.  This view quickly shows the user Volatility smiles and frowns.   Critical for traders who use option strategies such as Vertical Spreads and require volatility to be low on the long side and high on the selling side.  Also useful when creating calendar spreads.

Advanced Risk Graph

- Select built-in spread strategies or build your own
- Analyze P&L by adjusting days to expirations and volatility
- Analyze position delta or theta
- View P&L analysis side by side with chart
- Compare P&L of multiple spreads
- Test repair strategies to an existing option position and directly place repair trade

Advanced Risk Graph
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Option Decay Tool

Helps the Covered Call trader quickly identify which options expiration’s are ideal to maximize the Time Decay (Theta) by identifying the “Theta Sweet Spot”

Matrix Scanner

- Quickly scan Elliott Wave Turning Points signals
- Quickly scan using over 100+ built in parameters
- Find stocks with Over or Under priced options
- Find stocks with Volatility range at the high or low of the last 90 days
- Find stocks meeting Fibonacci retracement levels
- Ability to scan for Earnings related stocks during earnings season

Matrix Scanner
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Group Strength

- Quickly view combined strength/weakness of all stocks in a group
- Quickly identify strength/weakness of stocks within a group
- Plot Group strength as a study on a daily chart
- Scan in real time for stock signals generated in the direction of the Group strength
- Quickly identify bullish or bearish momentum changes in Groups