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Topics Covered:

Dynamic Trend Gamma Squeeze
Option Volume Sentiment
Current Market Updates

Trading flow using Dynamic Trend
Options Volume Map
Elliott Wave Turning Points
Ideal Strike Zone

Tom's Speed Bumps
Options Strategy Builder
Advanced Charting
Advanced Options Tools

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Dynamic Trend How-To Videos

Each week we spend time going over how to use features in the Dynamic Trend software.   This section is also recorded and archived free for anyone to watch.  Click here to see the list of all of the archived webinars: Webinar How To-Archive

Free Archive Webinar Video Examples:

April 19th 2022 Weekly Dynamic Trend Webinar

Abbreviated session where Tom Joseph updates current market conditions and what to watch for over the next week, using the SPY Daily chart as a guide.

DT Options Tools/Features highlighted:
- Chart
- OVM and Imbalances
- Risk Graph
- Spread Select

Stocks & markets mentioned: SPY, PAYX, TGT, NIO, NFLX

April 12th 2022 Weekly Dynamic Trend Webinar

Tom Joseph updates current market conditions, showing what to watch for in the coming days using the 3-bar reversal, Option Volume Map, and Speed Bump. He, also, provides a Risk Graph assessment on selecting the proper strike prices when buying or selling options.

DT Options Tools/Features highlighted:
- Chart
- Risk Graph

Stocks & markets mentioned: SPY, FDX