Elliott Wave Turning Points

We were one of the pioneers of computerizing Elliott Wave Analysis. In 1986, we released our initial Elliott Wave research through Advanced GET software which is still used by traders all over the globe today.

Some of the main complaints of Elliott Wave analysis are a) Wave counts tend to change as new market data comes in and thus make it difficult to make real time trading decisions unless you are an expert in Wave analysis and b) the learning curve to become an expert is very steep.

The same team that developed Advanced GET continued to develop and improve our understanding of Elliott wave analysis. Today, almost 30 years since our foray into computerized Elliott Wave analysis, we are proud to present a Forward looking algorithm “EWTP” that identifies tradeable pivots which do not change with new data. The algorithm combines all our knowledge of Elliott Wave, Gann analysis, Fibonacci techniques and price and time projections into one study. The user does not have to learn any of the techniques as it is all utilized within the algorithm as and when needed based on market conditions.

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Program Overview

Dynamic Trend is a complete Stock and Option analysis and trading software platform. Dynamic Trend is a one stop shop for any level of Stock or Option trader.

  • Advanced Charting and Quotes with Custom Studies
  • Option Tools for Modeling Simple and Complex Spreads
  • Real Time Stock and Option Scanner
  • Sector and Group Strength Identification

Watch our Overview Video to see some of the great features included in Dynamic Trend, a primere full featured technical analysis package created by traders for traders.

Patent Pending Options Projection

The projection tool provides the capability to calculate option or option spread values based on complex price and volatility moves. The user can project up or down movements in both the underlying prices and option volatility at various points.

  • Build a spread using a predefined template, or manually based on an actual trade
  • Project profit and loss scenarios by adjusting the underlying price or the overall volatility
  • Model changes on a day by day basis simulating various chart patterns
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Risk Graph

The Risk Graph is a vital tool in establishing an options position whether you are simply buying calls and puts or placing more advanced spread based options trades.

  • Build a spread position manually or create a one from a list of predefined templates.
  • Model a pre-existing position by entering in the actual filled prices.
  • The user can also view the Risk Graph and Price Chart of the underlying symbol side by side.
  • Up to three underlying price Standard Deviations are displayed right on the Risk Graph
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Risk Graph Compare Mode

The Risk Graph Compare Mode is an invaluable tool for the spread trader looking to model multiple options positions to optimize reward and risk.

  • Compare up to 15 Different spreads against the mains spread
  • Adjust Days to Expiration and Volatility for any comparison
  • View Break Even, Max Risk and Max Profit for both spreads

Compare Spread Mode allows the trader to compare the profit and loss of two options positions simultaneously. For an example, you can view a Long Call compared with a Long Straddle position.

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Advanced Option Chain

The Advanced Options Chain feature allows the user to view option pricing information for any available strike or expiration in an easy to view format.
Also included is a look back future where the user can go back to any date in the past three years and view the historical option prices.

  • View option pricing along with real time calculated volatility, major Greeks,  probability in the money and probability break even.
  • Select a singe expiration or multiple on the same screen.
  • Adjust how many strikes to show or center the view around a specific strike.

Also included is a look back future where the user can go back to any date in the past three years and view the historical option prices along with all the pertaining Greek values for a selected day.

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Option Skew Chart

The Option Skew tools purpose is to provide the Options Trader a visual display of an option prices Implied Volatility so they can compare the values across the range of strike prices in a specific expiration period.

  • Allows the user to identify option volatility skews in either a line graph or 3D view.
  • Critical for traders who use option strategies such as Vertical Spreads and Calendar Spreads.
  • Allows the trader to view skews based on Delta and Theta.
  • All Skews can be viewed in either a flat view or 3d view.
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Theta Decay

The Decay window allows you to forecast the values of the option Greeks based upon changes in the underlying’s price and volatility. The Decay window is designed specifically to show changes in an options Theta to allow the trader to maximize the rate of return in options positions such as a Covered Call.

  • Helps the Covered Call trader quickly identify which options expiration’s are ideal to maximize the Time Decay (Theta) by identifying the Theta Sweet Spot.
  • An Advanced Modeling Feature can forecast how Option Greek (theta and delta) values will change based on movement in both price and volatility.

With the flexibility of the Decay tool, it can also be used to easily forecast changes in other Greek values as well.

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Spread Select

The Spread Select tools main function is to provide the options trader with a more automated approach to choosing an option spread based on pre-built strategies.

  • Builds options spreads based on a selection of over 30 pre-built option strategies.
  • The user can adjust several filters to optimize how the spread are created.
  • Single or multiple spread types can be selected and automatically built.

The Spread Select tool allows the user to quickly compare the spreads to identify the most ideal trading candidates based on values such as Probability, Trade Cost, and Reward/Risk.

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Strategy Builder

The Strategy Builder tools allows you to quickly build various Option strategies based on a user entered target price and target date.

  • Builds options strategies (using single options and option spreads) based on a user selected target price and target date.
  • Use filters allowing you to only display the spread setups you want.
  • An adjustable Risk Profile is included along with detailed real time Greeks, IV and Profit potential.

Once target and time information is provided, the Strategy Builder will quickly build several option strategies and provide risk to reward information for each strategy. The customer can simply click to generate an order ticket. The Strategy Builder is not available in all packages.

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Advanced Charting

A complete Advanced Charting feature with several powerful option specific features.

  • Chart any option along with the underlying symbol, option volume and open interest.
  • View a real time probability cone. You can even drag the cone to a previous date to see how the current price action traded.
  • Quickly identify if a stocks options are trading either overpriced or under priced.

Included are over 30 industry standard studies and indicators along with many chart types and drawing tools. You can chart any time frame from one minute all the way to monthly. The Advanced Chart feature is a complete Stock or Option charting solution.

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Matrix Stock and Option Scanner

The Matrix is a fully featured real time Stock and Option Scanner. You can instantly scan thousands of symbols for trade setups using custom filters.

  • Scan all optional stocks and all individual options for trade setups.
  • Quickly generate a list of Covered Call Candidates or other spread types.
  • Scan individual options based on user-entered criteria such as price, open interest, Greek values or implied volatility.

The results can be saved or instantly linked to other features to allow quick identification and analysis.

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Sector and Group Strength

The Group Rotation tool is designed to help the investor identify potential trends in various stocks or baskets of stocks grouped together based on their business activities.

  • Find stocks that are in an uptrend or downtrend with matching correlation with its Industry group or Sector.
  • Identify Industry groups that are rotating and drill down to strong stocks within that group for option-spread strategies.
  • Apply the Stock or Group Strength filter to any Matrix Scan setup.

In addition to identifying the trend, the Group Rotation tool provides the user with a quick way to measure the strength of the trend.

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