TRADDICTIV Options Planner Release Notes:

New Feature “My Positions”
This is a new feature that is listed under File > New or on the left side Feature Toolbar (bottom). This is a global Quote Sheet window that can be opened or saved to any page. You can only have one of these windows open at a time. It does support tabs for multiple quote sheets at the bottom. If you make any changes, it will be saved on exit globally. This means if you open it on another page, all of the previous lists will show up.

- Added ability to save up to 5 preset Option Filter sets when using an option based scan.
This is under Additional Filters and the Option Filters tab.

Risk Graph
- Added Risk Graph Markers. Control + Double Left Click to set and unset the markers.
- Added ability to send Spread directly to My Positions or Quote Sheet.
Right click on any spread and choose Copy Position to Clipboard.
Go to any Quote Sheet or My Positions and select a row (left click) the Symbol Cell
Right click and choose Paste.
You will see a header row and a subtotal row for the position.

- Added Volume and Open Interest values to spreads
- Added Patent Pending Strike Zones

- Miscellaneous Bug Fixes