Dynamic Trend Features and Overview Video

Dynamic Trend is an extensive collection of Directional Analysis studies for Stocks, Options and Futures.

For Stocks and Futures:  Automatically identify trade pivots for both swing and day trading on any time frame selected by the user.

Options: A Collection of the most advanced set of features and studies specifically designed for trading Options.

Go from analysis to trade within seconds!

Dynamic Trend Features
Overview Video

Patent pending Options Volume Map:

  • Quickly analyze and detect Options Bias (call/put volume imbalance)
  • View historical Options Bias (call/put volume imbalance)
  • Quickly detect volume imbalance before earnings
  • Trade options right from the chart


Powerful Options Chain:

  • Trade directly from Option Chain
  • Select built-in spread strategies or build your own and place trades
  • Chart Option or Option spread charts on any time frame
  • Look back feature show historical option prices along with Greek values since 2014


Advanced Risk Graph:

  • Select built-in spread strategies or build your own
  • Analyze P&L by changing days to expirations and volatility
  • Analyze position delta or theta
  • View P&L analysis side by side with chart
  • Compare P&L of multiple spreads
  • Test repair strategies to an existing option position and directly place repair trade


Options Replay:

  • Back test any option strategy on past data (back to 2014)
  • Select from built-in option spread strategies or build your own
  • Back test any option strategy for earnings
  • Back test multiple strategies at once.


Elliott Wave Turning points:

  • Automatically generates directions signals using Elliott Wave analysis
  • Auto Identifies tradeable pivots in real time using combination of Elliott Wave, Fibonacci and Gann techniques.
  • Directional signal can be used to trade stocks or options
  • Projected price targets
  • Scan for Elliott Wave Turning points in real time
  • Can be used with Futures or Forex
  • Apply to any time frame

Option Price Projection Tool:

  • Select built-in spread strategies or build your own
  • Analyze P&L by changing stock price and volatility for each daily through expiration
  • Analyze position delta, theta and other Greek values changing stock price and volatility for each daily through expiration
  • For calendar spreads, change volatility for each month individually
  • For multi leg spreads, change volatility for each leg individually


Strategy Builder:

  • Instantly analyze all suitable strategies based on a user entered target
  • View potential profits, risk, Rate of return and all pertaining Greek values
  • Trade directly from the Strategy builder
  • Use targets generated by Elliott Wave Turning Points to build strategies


Other Option studies:

  • Analyze stocks with over or under priced options
  • Analyze volatility range over a user selected look back period
  • Theta Decay study, identify best expiration for covered call
  • Model all Greek values for an option through expiration
  • Quickly detect Volatility smiles/frowns
  • Probability envelope
  • Volatility comparison


Group Strength:

  • Quickly view combined strength/weakness of all stocks in a group
  • Quickly identify strength/weakness of stocks within a group
  • Plot Group strength as a study on a daily chart
  • Quickly identify Stock signals generated in the direction of the Group strength
  • Quickly identify bullish or bearish momentum changes in Groups


Matrix Scanner:

  • Quickly scan Elliott Wave Turning Points signals
  • Quickly scan using over 100+ built in parameters
  • Find stocks with Over or Under priced options
  • Find stocks with Volatility range at the high or low of the last 90 days
  • Find stocks meeting Fibonacci retracement levels
  • Ability to scan for Earnings related stocks during earnings season