Strategy Builder

Automatically generate strategies using (single options and option spreads) based on where you have determined a stock will meet a specific target price.

It is as easy as selecting an underlying stock, entering a target price and selecting a date in the future. The Strategy Builder will automatically generate a list of strategies using (single options and option spreads) optimized for return based on investment risk and potential Profit.

You can then quickly analyze each spread using the built in Risk Graph. Right click on any spread for further analysis or to generate an order ticket.

*The Strategy Builder is not available in all packages.

Click the above image to view a video of the Strategy Builder

Strategy Builder Filters

You can also adjust which spreads you want to have the builder output. Other filters you can adjust are expiration months, number of results and Moneyness. The Moneyness settings will build spreads based on at the money, out of the money or way out of the money.

Strategy Risk Graph Analysis

Click on any spread to see a quick Risk Graph analysis. You can also apply up to 4 models with various days to expatriation and Implied Volatility. You can also send the strategy to the Options projection screen or click to generate an order ticket.

Strategy Builder Detailed Information

Each spread will automatically display in real time all of the detailed information. This will include IV, Greeks, Max Risk, Credit/Debit, Return on Investment and calculated profit and loss at expiration.