How to Pick Best Options Strategies to Capitalize on
Various Elliott Wave Setups
In collaboration with Elliott Wave International


Five Live Online Webinar Courses - 1.5 Hour Webinar Sessions


Instructors:  Tom Joseph and Stephen Brumbelow

  Monday September 14th - October 12th 2020 at 4:15pm Eastern

  Each session contains 70 Minutes of course presentation followed by Q&A and Software Instructions.  90 Minutes Total

Enrollment Cost $2450.00  

Includes a 3 month subscription to the
Dynamic Trend Software*

(Non Professional Exchange Fees Included)

*Software reoccurring subscription is renewed at a discounted rate
of $700.00 every three months.

Live & On-Demand Instruction + Powerful Software = Results

Live, Online Trading Course | September 14th - October 12th 2020 | Level: Intermediate

You trade options for one simple reason.

Options give you unmatched risk mitigation and leverage without a mega-dollar account.

Of course, it’s not all butterflies and rainbows, because…


First, every options trader must answer:

  1. “How much time do I need?”
  2. “What is the ideal strike price?”

To get both questions right is one tall order.

For most traders, the answer comes down to a lot of number-crunching… or, just a guess. Maybe an educated one, but still – a guess.

It shouldn’t be this hard. There is a way to cut through uncertainty.

You just need the right tools. 

This course gives you those tools -- and teaches you how to use them.


Elliott waves help options traders win

Says Tom Joseph, founder of Dynamic Trend and one of your course instructors:

“Without Elliott wave knowledge, the sense of market direction is just not there. Options traders often don’t know direction, so they trade both sides.

“But that can increase your risk and minimize (or even eliminate) potential profits.

“Using Elliott with options is a big improvement. Elliott waves show you the trend, so you can position yourself in the most likely direction – and, in so doing, lower your risk and increase your potential reward.”

Yes: Options trading and Elliott waves go hand-in-hand.

Especially when you have the right software, like Dynamic Trend’s Strategy Builder.


Dynamic Trend: “on the money”

We've been honing software-driven Elliott wave options trading since 1987.

We bring 33 years of experience developing hands-on trading tools, including those available on Bloomberg, eSignal and TradeStation. That is a lot of experience.

Tom Joseph, Dynamic Trend’s founder, discovered Elliott waves in the 1980s at a course taught by Elliott Wave International’s Bob Prechter. Over the decades, while Bob remained the world’s foremost Elliott wave practitioner, Tom began developing trading software. For example, Advanced GET – that’s Tom’s work. Eventually, he founded Dynamic Trend.  

From time to time, Bob’s and Tom’s paths intersected.

Now this collaborative course forms the most powerful connection yet between EWI and Dynamic Trend – and between Elliott waves and options trading software.

That’s why we are so excited for you to learn how to put this valuable experience to work in your options trading - directly from our primary course instructors: Tom Joseph & Stephen Brumbelow.


Meet your course instructors

In this live, online course you’ll be learning from the best in the business.

Tom Joseph

Tom started trading options in 1979. In the early 80s he took Prechter’s 3-day Elliott wave course. He has been a devoted practitioner ever since. In fact it led him to create Advanced GET (1987), later bought by eSignal (now ICE). Since then, Tom has been perfecting option trading culminating in Dynamic Trend’s Options Analysis and Strategy Builder software programs. At the core of the programs is their ability to help you choose the proper options strategy for the particular Elliott wave pattern you wish to trade.

Stephen Brumbelow

Software development, trading and education have always been Stephen’s passion. He joined Dynamic Trend 23 years ago.  Today, he spends his days doing what he loves most -- educating and supporting options traders who rely on the company’s software.


FREE: You get Options Analysis and Strategy Builder during this course and for 90 days after.


Tom and Steve focus your education on 3 key areas:

  1. Uncovering the right directional strategy, especially around 3rd and 5th waves.
  2. Determining the right expiration month and ideal strike price.
  3. Knowing when and how to switch from directional to spread strategies (in 4th waves, double threes, triangles, etc.).

Tom and Steve will show you how to accomplish these goals quickly using Dynamic Trend’s Options Analysis and Strategy Builder programs.

You get use of the software free both during the course and for 90 days after (a $735.00 value).  


Over 5 live sessions, Tom and Steve show you how Strategy Builder quickly answers:

  • “How much time do I need for this trade?”
  • “What’s my risk/reward?”
  • “How do I get the best leverage?”
  • “Do I have to worry about time decay?”
  • “Do I have to worry about gamma, delta, etc.?”

You’ll see how fast Strategy Builder gives you multiple strategies and lets you rank them. 

You’ll see how fast it gives you its “best strategy” – or, lets you test your own ideas.

You’ll see how this tool saves you time and money – and turns you into a more efficient, effective trader.


Here is exactly what you get: 

Live Session 1
Monday September 14th 2020, 4:15PM EST
90 mins.

“Merging Elliott Wave Impulses with Options for Directional (Trending) Trading”

Discover how to select options strategies for the start of wave 3, mid-wave 3, and wave 5 breakouts. See how to calculate risk/reward for directional strategies. Learn how to use probability analysis to estimate the time required to meet a target. Discover other key tools like Tom Joseph’s proprietary Strength Levels and open interest studies to help confirm patterns and projections for directional strategies.

Live Session 2
Monday September 21st 2020, 4:15PM EST
90 mins.

“How to ID Correct Options Expiration Month and Ideal Strike Price for Directional Strategies”

Not all options are created equal! Once you have a target, learn how to use the most important options data to select the right expiration month. See how to read a Risk Graph. Apply the Strike Selection Test to find an ideal strike price. Learn to use the Strategy Builder to compare different strategies and select the best one.

Live Session 3
Monday September 28th 2020, 4:15PM EST
90 mins.

“How to Use Open Interest Maps to Add Confidence to Your Trade”

Discover how Open Interest and Options Volume Maps help you add confidence to your price projections. Each day, thousands of traders around the world take positions at various strike prices and for varying time intervals. At the days’ end, the OCC balances the trades and updates the Open Interest, which in turn leaves telltale signatures of concentration areas that in turn form support/resistance levels. You cannot see this by looking at an Option chain. Using Dynamic Trend’s proprietary Options Volume and Open Interest history adds a valuable dimension to successful options trading.

Live Session 4
Monday October 5th 2020, 4:15PM EST
90 mins.

“How to Use 4th Wave Corrections with Options for Non-Directional (Range-Bound) Markets”

Learn how to select an options strategy when markets are unfolding in 4th wave corrections. Discover when to apply vertical spreads and credit spreads. See how Dynamic Trend’s software helps you identify the best combinations and test your strategy, with our patent-pending Options Price Projections Tool. This tool eliminates all the guess work; you can quickly model your spread strategy for any date between now and expiration.

Live Session 5
Monday October 12th 2020, 4:15PM EST
90 mins.

“Adding Volatility Analysis and Strategies for the End of Wave 5 Reversals”

Learn to navigate volatility -- when to expect changes; what to do. Underlying volatility and Implied volatility do affect the success of options trades! Learn two strategies to apply when approaching a wave 5 reversal. Finish the class by discovering exactly when to switch from directional to spread strategies, using your wave analysis as your road map.


Need an Elliott wave refresher? Happy to help.

We hand-picked several resources from EWI’s own library of trader-education resources.

They’ll remind you how to take any price chart and turn it into a “trading road map.”

Your review comes from two veteran Elliott wave instructors: Jeffrey Kennedy and Wayne Gorman.

Bonus Bundle #1: Elliott Wave Foundations
($198 value; FREE)

“The Basics of the Wave Principle” (on-demand course, 90 minutes., $99 value – FREE) – Discover the rules and guidelines that make Elliott such a powerful tool.

“How to Spot a Pattern You Recognize and Put Your Trading Plan into Action” (on-demand course, 60 minutes, $99 value – FREE) – See how to boil down your trading plan into a simple step-by-step process that minimizes your risk.

Bonus Bundle #2: Best Elliott Wave Setups for Options Trading
($139 value, FREE)

“Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading” (book, 252 pages, $60 value – FREE) – Over 200 charts and 20 market examples teach you to spot turning points and high-confidence trade setups.

“5 Options Strategies Every Elliott Wave Trader Should Know” (on-demand course, 132 minutes, $79 value – FREE) -- Learn to combine Elliott waves and a few specific options trading strategies. A great intro.


You get these powerful extras immediately when you enroll in the course. (We will mail a hard copy of the “Visual Guide” book to your address.)

This course is your COMPLETE toolbox

You get live instruction, on-demand education and best-in-class software.

At the end of the course, you will be able to sail through each step of your decision-making process:


Step1Identify an Elliott-wave based opportunity

Step2Forecast price targets and risk-management levels 

Step3Pick the optimal options strategy



Over the 5 fast-paced live sessions, this course will help you become a better options trader. Your course instructors are some of the most helpful educators in the world, with 64 combined years of guiding traders.


Yes! I want to learn trading options with Elliott waves like a pro, so enroll me in the course now


Enrollment Cost $2450

Includes a 3 month subscription to the Dynamic Trend Software*

(Non Professional Exchange Fees Included)




P.S. Here’s how Elliott waves and options work together

90% of all options-trading education out there teaches you Options Spread and Credit Spread strategies. 

Yes, spreads can be useful – if you don’t know the trend, if you don’t have a price target, and if markets are quiet. You just trade both sides or collect your premiums.

But in a trending market, Options Spread and Credit Spread strategies can kill your profit potential. For example…

You’ve been trading a range-bound stock, “buying low and selling high,” using vertical spreads. The stock falls again and you buy a vertical $5 call spread, looking to make your $1.50-$2.50. But you don’t use Elliott, so you don’t know that the range-bound period is over! The stock is about to jump $15 higher, so there is no need for that short leg of the spread. A purely directional strategy would bring $8.25-$9 (assuming an ATM call with an initial Delta ~0.55.) That’s up to 6x more profits with the same risk!

Elliott wave benefit: You always have a good idea when a range-bound correction is likely to end.

And in a volatile market, short credit spreads might just kill your account altogether. For example…

The market’s been trending for months. You’ve been happily collecting $1 on your out-of-the-money $10-wide credit spreads. And then -- BOOM – volatility spikes… and you lose everything you’d made and then some. Turns out, it was a 5th wave! But without the perspective of the Wave Principle, you had no way of knowing that.

Elliott wave benefit:  You always have a good idea when a trend, a.k.a. “low volatility,” is about to end.

Elliott waves: Your profit-boosting roadmap

Elliott waves give you the option of being flexible. See the trend clearly? Use a directional strategy. Unsure of the trend? Switch to spreads.

This course teaches you when and how to switch between these strategies.

You’ll see how seamlessly Dynamic Trend’s software handles this task. It’s head and shoulders above other platforms: It’s user-friendly, comprehensive and fast.

You’ll see just how easy your decision-making process can become.



This course is right “on the money” for you if…

…you understand Elliott waves and options trading and want to learn even more from true masters.


Enrollment Cost $2450

Includes a 3 month subscription to the Dynamic Trend Software*

(Non Professional Exchange Fees Included)